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Privacy and personal data protection.

Nylons and More is an internet company. Through the internet Nylons and More sells lingerie, ladies hosiery and accessories. 

Nylons and More undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of all information provided. Please read this Charter concerning respect for privacy and personal data protection (hereinafter called the "Charter"), so that you are aware of the use that is made of the personal information you provide when you register. 

Nylons and More reserves the right to alter the present Charter and we therefore ask you to refer to it regularly. 

This Charter will tell you about: 

- the Charter's field of application 
- the registration of personal information 
- the range of information requested 
- the use and distribution of personal information 
- the right to update, correct or remove personal information 
- the duration of storing the personal information 
- the disclosure of personal information by Nylons and More

The charter field of application.

The Charter applies to all the data received when a customer is buying goods or asks information on the website. 

The registration of personal information.

During this procedure we will ask you to complete your order form as accurately and fully as possible. 

For example, if you wish to buy an article you must provide your name, first name, address, postcode/zip code and e-mail address. 

The range of information requested.

When you are buying goods, Nylons and More will ask you to provide certain information, such as your name, your e-mail address and other personal details. 

The use and distribution of personal information.

Nylons and More main aim in collecting personal information is to be able to communicate about your order and to send the ordered goods to the address indicated. Nylons and More alone has access to the data that you provide when buying. 

When registering, if you indicate that you consent to receive offers or information from Nylons and More, we will, from time to time, send you information on the products and services relevant to you by e-mail. 

The right to update, correct or remove personal information.

In any event, you have the right to consult, alter or contest your personal data. If you do not wish to receive this information about products and services, you can send us at anytime an email or a letter at the address given below indicating that you want your email sdress removed. 

The duration of stoing the personal information.

Your personal data will not be kept longer than the necessary duration to fulfill the services provided by Nylons and More to you. 

The disclosure of personal information by Nylons and More.

As a general rule, Nylons and More undertakes never to divulge any of your personal data. 


If you have any comments or questions please contact: 

Nylons and More
Ooievaardreef 13
2665 EN Bleiswijk
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31(0)6 XXXXXXXXX 

Thank you for you attention!